EasyAcc [4 in 1] Wi-Stor Wizard Wifi Storage Disk & Sharing System

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[4 in 1] EasyAcc Wi-Stor Wizard Wifi Storage Disk & Sharing System - build in 8800mAh External Battery Power Bank,Wifi SD Card Reader, Wifi USB Flash Drive & HDD wireless storage, Wifi Router for Smartphone, Tablets and Laptops

Wi-stor wizard is a brand new multifunctional wireless device, a great blend of file sharing, file server, portable router and external battery. Through plugging in SD card or connecting with HDD, Wizard is able to wireless sharing those stored files with up to five smart devices at same time, likewise Wizard can transfer files between SD card and HDD. There is a 8800mAh built-in battery in Wizard, which can be used as an external battery when your phone, tablet, handheld console are running out of battery. Moreover, Wizard will turn to a wireless router when LAN cable connected to it.

Power bank

With 8800mAh capacity it can fully charge your electronic devices more than 5 times. Built-in battery also gives Wi-stor Wizard the ability to work as a file server and router without the need of an external power supply. It is one of the best cellphone/tablet accessories available to businessman.

Wireless router

It allows you to use WiFi according to your actual needs. With AP mode it can act as a wireless access point when connected to LAN. There are another 3 Mode (DHCP/PPPoE/ Static Mode), which are pleased to provide you wireless Internet access. Safe and trustable wireless security settings ensures that your data is well protected.

File sharing

Files such as PDF, WORD, JPG stored in SD Card, mobile hard disk and Flash Drive can be wireless shared via built-in Wi-Fi support to multiple devices. You can either wirelessly share a interesting photo of yours with your friends or show a brilliant idea immediately with your workmate.

File server

When you plug SD Card, mobile hard disk and Flash Drive into Wi-Stor Wizard, it can be used as a storage devices to transfer and back up files. It solves problems when your phone/tablets are out of storage space.